your story 

The COVID-19 it's a pandemic and it's sending folks into crisis for all the obvious reasons: isolation, connection, money, love, fear, healthy, and safety of our families. I started performing in 2003 in a performance program in SF it was a leap of faith to start in my late twenties with no performance background. Though if I explore my childhood it was filled with story telling through reenacting my over exposed life and writing in in endless journals. I was a story teller, writer, and loved it though it there wasn't clear through line or acknowleged passion. I secretly wanted to be a writer. I was a shadow artist and hide from my own interest. Though I loved other artist.


EPI when I started this program everything in my bones told me to do it and no one in my life thought I should do it. You don't act, sing, or dance. I did it. This program EPI at New College of California was the first time I truly listened to my soul nudging me to follow this creative vein. 

This program launched my numerous one woman shows about my mother: Open Eyes, Flying Standby, SparrowLand. I got sober in 2004 and devoted much of my life traveling with this show combining my clinical work as licensed depth psychotherapist to taking this show to conferences, programs, and Off Broadway. 

I performed before my son, during my pregnancy, and with my son. Being a momma like being a performer, artist, sober, and forever changed my DNA. 

During this times of crisis I am diving deep and wanna help others share through stories around this virus the impact. Let's connect through our stories. We are connected even if we are in our separate homes. 

Reach out if you are interested. xo