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Sparrow Land


Sparrow Land: A Performance Art Show - About Finding Home 


Nov 10th @ 7 PM 

Encinitas Library 

540 Cornish Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

Sparrow Land 

SparrowLand: It’s A Love Story.


It's a story of motherhood, love, & finding home. 

This innovative one woman show plus a baby is wild ride - docu series meets the stage.


Tonya journey to motherhood via sperm donor 14091 takes you on a rollercoaster adventure through her desperate search for home in lovers, cities, and once substances meets a sober, crunchy, momma dialogue with her dead mother where she ultimately finds home as a mother on the stage.

Sparrow Land is a Mother & Son Play about Finding Home. This innovative show about Tonya's journey to finding home through landing with her son Sparrow. Tonya recently premiered her show in NYC Off Broadway.

The Event 

Vegan Food & Live Music & Conscious Living Vendors 

Food & Coffee
Kippy's Vegan Ice Cream, Karma Baker, Intelligentsia Coffee, Klean LA, & many more. xo

HourGlass & Daniel Wellington & Illesteva 

Ashley HUnter


Tonya Meeks 


Sparrow Land | Part Three of Flying Standby Trilogy * Stand Alone Show 

This is a Sequel to Flying Standby Shows that have a loyal following.

Tonya Meek's returns from her NYC Off Broadway debut of Flying Standby to perform this innovative show with her son Sparrow. This is a solo show with Mother & Son exploring the dichotomies of motherhood she once experience with her own mother.

Tonya's journey to becoming a mother developed from the healing through playing her mother on stage since 2003 and exploring the desire to have her mother's story heard. This tale of a mother and daughter now turns to being a mother. Tonya has found home in creating a home for her son Sparrow epiphany of being able to land while still in spiritual flight.

Tonya journey to motherhood has taught her how to create a home & land.

A mother's whose themes song was Willie Nelson's On The Road Again. The rhythm of the open highway was music to their restless ears. The magical yet raw journey of being a mother via sperm donor 14091. The lineage once searched for god in love found in all the wrong places. 

Now, the mother that searched for home in the hearts of others found her god in the eyes of her child. Their magical connection with raws truths about journey to being a single momma which lead her to following her own intuition versus her usual mode of taking a national poll with strangers, psychics, & other paranormal spiritual mediums has found her own truth and strongest knowing she has ever experienced. 


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