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Maya B.

Newport Beach, CA

Through working with Tonya I have been able to learn more about myself than I have been able to my entire life. She has helped me repair relationships I thought were lost causes through family sessions. She has been available to me whenever I've needed it. And has helped me to obtain a sense of freedom and knowledge about how my brain works and how to not let my emotions have power over me. Tonya does amazing work in her private practice as well as out in the world. She is a beautiful soul, who I am forever grateful for.

Julie S.


Tonya helped me journey through a very difficult time in my life. Her unique approach of using her

clinical background with her intuition brought insight into my situation. She knows when and how to

ask questions and when to give space for the client to express herself and talk. Even during the hardest

days, meeting with Tonya brought relief, clarity, and a feeling of progress to my situation. I will always

be grateful for having her be a part of my story.

Alli B.

Newport Beach, CA

In August of 2014, I sought treatment for my alcoholism at Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women. While completing my 90 day in-patient treatment, I had the pleasure of working with Tonya as my therapist. After completely treatment I continue to see Tonya at her Newport Beach practice. Through the years of working with Tonya, I have been able to achieve long-term sobriety I didn’t find feasible. Tonya has coached me through relationship turmoil, traumatic losses and the vicissitudes that accompany being newly sober. Tonya has helped me identify my destructive patterns and erratic thinking. Between learning new coping skills and setting and achieving goals, Tonya has stood by my side as I work to become the women I want to be.

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