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Tonya started creating music & plays as a little girl back in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a natural performer & creator, yet these pieces weaved in & out of her life. Growing up with a gypsy momma with their theme song being Willie Nelson's On The Road Again.


Tonya is a licensed psychotherapist & spent many years splitting the two lives: artist & caretaker archetypes. Though she eventually weaved the two worlds together sharing her productions with folks in recovery & mental health components.


Tonya loved singing as a little girl belting out songs from her whirling record player: Wake Up Sleepy Gee to Mary Poppins to Kenny Rogers Gambler to Total Eclipse of the Heart to Kentucky country artist Bobby Mackey’s Hero Daddy. As a little girl she dreamed of getting a car so she could tour with her all girl country band.


This childhood creativity was held captive until she started performing in 2003 via a BFA at EPI in SF focused on the interdisciplinary voice, dance, & acting program. Her leap of faith in diving deep into this performance program lead her back to her creative soul and this is where she found another path into sobriety 1/10/04. Since that point a Tonya has been creating art via her interdisciplinary shows she wrote and produced all over the US.


Throughout her performance she has created multidisciplinary work fusing voice, dance, and acting. Tonya premiered her show Flying Standby in NYC Off Broadway.


Tonya has created four original interdisciplinary productions Open Eyes in 2004, Flying Standby 2007-current, Flying Standby: the sequel, & Sparrow Land.


Tonya is currently writing new lullaby series for Sparrow Land projects: show, events, book, and screenplay.


Tonya’s facilitating creativity retreats: Find Your Creative Truth both locally & destinations next one in Kauai.

Her commitment to her son sparrow has been revolutionary in committing to owning her intuitive artistic vision & parenting from what she's named: soulship parenting honoring child as a sacred soul!

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