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Flying Standby: the sequel 

Year of production: 2016

Running Time: 1.5 hours

Flying Standy: the sequel

Attention All Theatergoers:  Once again we ask that you please securely stow all carry-on baggage and fasten your seat belts because "Flying Standby: The Sequel" has now been approved for immediate departure.  Join our favorite frequent flyer Tonya for the next leg of her invariably hilarious, inevitably heartbreaking, and incurably addicting journey to destinations both known and still yet undiscovered.  

Time bends during this theatrical non-stop flight and the unconditionally complex mother and child relationship we loved in "Flying Standby" mirrors, shadows, and breeds startling revelations when a new grandchild is suddenly introduced to the family legacy.  Birth and death, addiction and recovery, faith and 
loss, laughter and tears all merge and converge as secrets, lies, and startling revelations are served across all cabins of service.

As the daughter once again becomes the mother-but this time by her own choice-Tonya must face the daunting challenge of an in-flight navigation away from the home she's never really left, towards one she's not even certain exists.  


The result:  An unexpected travel advisory is in full effect.

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