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Find Your Path - Creativity

Creative Inspirer | Intuitive Guide | Dream Maker


Depth psychotherapist guides others on creative journey combing her decade of depth therapeutic work and her life as a working artists. Art is God’s or the Universe’s gift to your soul & the world. This work is depth soul work with a direct & empathic approach. Tonya’s truly gifted at providing guidance with her intuition, yet grounded in practical steps towards change.


She believes we are all creative and meant to be creating.

SoulShip Parenting by Licsened Therapist

Depth Psychotherapist & Artists Works directly with parent or parents to guide then to follow their own instincts and build connection with their little one or you can start process with a teenagers, tween, or adult child. This expereince will be combining my clinical MA in Depth Psychotherapy & my performance background using a creative, yet direct approach. Tonya is a mother of a two year old son developed a parenting style called: SoulShip Parenting Copyright 2018. 

Tell Your Story with Your Child * All Ages

Create a video recorded story with your child. Tonya’s a performer & Therapist assists in creating this magical story. 

Tonya’s a gifted story teller from creating four solo shows about her relationship w her mom. New show sparrow land show w her 2 year old son! 

She has created a parenting style called soulship parenting creativity and intuition combined! 🦋


Creative inspirer 
Therapist & Artist momma creates memorable stories for parents & children of all ages. Tonya licensed depth psychotherapist & off Broadway NYC Performer!

Dream Maker | Rebel Artist

Intuitive Guide to find the light of your true north node. This direct approach through creative process using my a combination of my clinical & performance background to distill and guide you to your most authentic self. This process will be expansive, direct, & clear steps to take in your life. 

solo show

I will assist you in visioning, creating, launching your solo show. It's a process I have developed through creating four solo shows. xo 

find your creative voice

believe you don"t have creative voice...we will discover lost parts of yourself...

coaching to find your true calling

lost in the grind ... explore new paths and secret desires that can become your new path

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