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Sparrow Land

Creative Inspirer

Telling the Truth on Stage


I am the creator of the infamous & innovative retreats called Telling the Truth on Stage. The stage is the metaphorical stage of life or literally a stage. I catapult people into their true visions and truth. I’m a depth psychotherapist and artist. I have a Master’s in Depth Psychotherapy and BA in Performance. These two worlds collide creating a master facilitator of your soul’s true purpose. I am direct, highly empathic, & intuitive. These traits assist me in finding your through line in your life. This is a fierce process of finding your path in your career, love, and spiritual direction.


I have successfully created four solo one woman show and toured them all over the US and in NYC Off Broadway.


I have created workshops, retreats, coaching, & performances all around the theme of Telling the Truth on Stage.


Themes: Finding Home. Love. Rebels. Seekers. Ambivalence. Intuition.

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