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Tonya has the uncanny ability to transport herself into the characters that she plays. It's pure magic. (Louis Gossett, Jr.)

Flying Standby" is a great metaphor to build a show around, and Tonya Meeks' autobiographical solo show is at its best when we see the scattered Meeks, suitcase in hand, caught in that "will I or won't I and where?" place. In relating her complicated relationship with her whack job of a mother—by portraying her, in many cases—she gives an appealing, raw performance that's full of love, truth, and humor rather than self-pity. (Backstage)

I am recommending to all my clients who are members of the BMC (Bad Mother's Club) to run, not walk to see  Tonya Meeks' star-turn in Flying Standby. She will melt your heart and your mind with her brave performance as the Mother and the loyal, but suffering Daughter. Tonya guides us through pain of both women to find to resolution and peace." (Melody J. Anderson, LCSW

Tonya, I wanted to thank you for your one-woman show! Wow, it was moving. I laughed and cried with you as you shared details of your life! You did it with such precision, passion, and love. I was truly deeply moved with your performance. I pray for you to have hope, love, joy, happiness, and prosperity. (Daniel Marquez, Speaker It Happen’s to Boys)

I was at the opening of your play last night (with Beverly Berg)

WOW! You are fierce! I enjoyed your beautifully nuanced and captivating performance so much!  As a fellow sober woman watching your meticulously examined life unfold before my eyes, I felt bestowed by your generous gift of healing. (DH Olech, Artist)

Flying Standby Home is both humorous and heartfelt - and incredibly fun to watch. I was especially moved by Tonya's vulnerability. She reveals her life in a way that embraces the entire (sometimes messy) journey, that you can't help but walk away feeling like you aren't alone, loving yourself a little bit more, and with more hope that the pain can be transformed into something absolutely beautiful.  (Ingrid Mathieu, PhD Therapist, Author)

We all know life is a journey, but in "Flying Standby", Tonya makes her audience feel like she sneaked us into her suitcase for the trip. Her story is remarkable, and the vulnerability in which she portrays her mother and herself is truly inspiring. I laughed till I cried, and I cried till it hurt. Most importantly, I left with a sense of gratitude for having been allowed on the flight. (BJ Hickman, Executive Director at Hotel California) 

Talking about creative self-expression, your performance last month was a great model of a structure that you generated for yourself as it relates to creative self-expression, representing a merger between psychotherapy and stage performance not only as a tool for your own creative expression and healing of your upbringing, but also I know that you are envisioning to incorporate this as a therapeutic modality with your clients! Exciting! (Tatjana Luethi, Creator of Merge Conference) 

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