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Jun 12, 2019

we are all creative meant to be creating

Creative Inspirer

Calling all Rebels, Truth Seekers, and Artists 

Weekly meetup location to be announced in Encinitas. 

Aug 08, 2017

Fourth Solo Show in Venice, CA

Sparrow Land

Electric Lodge 

Sep 22, 2017

Solo Fest

NYC Flying Standby

NYC Flying Standby takes the show on the road... 

Purchase tickets in advance

Sep 20, 2016

8:00 pm

flying standby

Tuesday| Sept 20th at Electric Lodge

Attention All Theatergoers: Once again we ask that you please securely stow all carry-on baggage and fasten your seat belts because "Flying Standby: The Sequel" has now been approved for immediate departure. Join our favorite frequent flyer Tonya for the next leg of her invariably hilarious, inevitably heartbreaking, and incurably addicting journey to destinations both known and still yet undiscovered.


Time bends during this theatrical non-stop flight and the unconditionally complex mother and child relationship we loved in "Flying Standby" mirrors, shadows, and breeds startling revelations when a new grandchild is suddenly introduced to the family legacy. Birth and death, addiction and recovery, faith and loss, laughter and tears all merge and converge as secrets, lies, and startling revelations are served across all cabins of service.


As the daughter once again becomes the mother-but this time by her own choice-Tonya must face the daunting challenge of an in-flight navigation away from the home she's never really left, towards one she's not even certain exists. The result: An unexpected travel advisory is in full effect.


Previous Show:

Tonya Meek's bittersweet one-woman show, "Flying Standby", reveals how the determination to escape her alcoholic mother carried her through a turbulent ride of addiction, lost love, and a final desperate flight toward reconciliation. Please extinguish all smoking materials and prepare for take off.

Tonya has an uncanny ability to transport herself into the characters that she plays. It's pure magic. Louis Gossett, Jr. 

In relating her complicated relationship with her whack job of a mother—by portraying her, in many cases—she gives an appealing, raw performance that's full of love, truth, and humor rather than self-pity. (Backstage)

Flying Standby Home is both humorous and heartfelt - and incredibly fun to watch. I was especially moved by Tonya's vulnerability. She reveals her life in a way that embraces the entire (sometimes messy) journey, that you can't help but walk away feeling like you aren't alone, loving yourself a little bit more, and with more hope that the pain can be transformed into something absolutely beautiful. - Ingrid Mathieu, PhD

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previous shows

JUNE 9 2012        8:00pm @  Hudson Theatre

JUNE 10 2012      7:00pm  @  Hudson Theatre

JUNE 11 2012      8:00pm  @  Hudson Theatre

JUNE 19 2012      7:00pm @  Theatre of Note

JUNE 23 2012      12:30pm @  Theatre of Note

AUG  26 2012       8:00pm @  Fanatic Salon

OCT  20 2012       7:00pm @  House of Hope Fundraiser

DEC 1 2012          8:00pm @  Santa Monica Playhouse 

DEC 2  2012         7:00pm @  Writing Pad LA 

FEB 21 2013         8 PM @ Electrc Lodge - Venice  

MAR 6  2013         4 PM @ UCSB LIttle Old Theatre

APR 13 2013         8 PM  @ Electric Lodge Venice  

JUL 25 2013         8 PM  @ Electric Lodge Venice  

NOV 2 2013          University of Riverside - Collegiate Recovery

NOV 6 2013          8 PM @ Electric Lodge Venice

JAN 23 2014        8 Pm @ Electric Lodge Venice

JAN 25 2014        9:30 am Betty Ford Treatment Center

FEB 21 2014        8 PM @ Electric Lodge Venice Beach 

MAR 7 2014        Women's Conference Harrisburgh

MAR 8 2014        Second Nature,  Dallas, Texas

MAR 21 2014      It Happens to Boy's Conference

MAR 31 2014      Foundation Conference San Diego

APR 15 2014       8 PM @ Electric Lodge Venice Beach

APR 27 2014      9:30 AM  @ CAADE Conference

MAY 31 2014     7:30 PM WCSAD

JUN 24  2014     8 PM Electric Lodge

AUG 24 2014     4 PM Electric Lodge

OCT 23 2014     8 PM  Electric Lodge

OCT 30 2014     Grand Rapids, Michgan

DEC 17 2014      8 PM Electric Lodge

FEB 24 2015       8 PM Electric Lodge

APR 11 2015      8 PM Electric Lodge

MAY 7  2015      8 PM New Jersey 

MAY 21  2015    8 PM Venice Beach CA

JUN  21 2015    8 PM Venice Beach, CA

OCT 10 2015    8 PM Venice Beach, CA

JUL  30 2015    8 PM Venice Beach, CA

MAR 30 2016   8 PM Venice Beach, CA

APR 26 2016    8 PM Venice Beach, CA 

SEP  20 2016    8 PM Electric Lodge, CA 

Stay tuned for Nashville, Utah, and Florida Shows!

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