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Intuitive Guidance

I have been an intuitive since I was a young child. I ran from this gift since being a seer without stopping or changing outcome of events was difficult to process. I grew up with a mom that was a wild gypsy spirit highly intuitive and didn't know how to use her gifts due to her unresolved trauma. I was a seer and had premonition of my brother's death and once his death happened I decided to turn off this gift. Then later using substances to subdue the gift. Once I was sober and actively chose to not use alcohol "spirits" to subdue or turn off this gift. The gift came rushing back in full throttle. I started doing solo one woman shows and running Artists Way Group. The gift was alive and well, yet didn't know exactly how to navigate. I have explore every self help healing modality: therapy, sweat lodges, healing touch, meditations, clairvoyance training, authentic movement, EMDR, rebirthing, art therapy, and writing. I now have chose to come out of the closet and share the use of these gifts that I have always used in my therapeutic work, but now am embracing and sharing my ability to connect with loved ones who have passed, guides, and messages from your soul. I am combining my clinical work, intuitive gifts, and creativity to do intuitive guidance sessions. I was afraid this would impact my clinical work being a licensed therapist and yet this a magical combination. 

Please call for intuitive guidance to see this feels like the right fit schedule ten minutes exploration call. 415-571-0682 xo 

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