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Telling the Truth On Stage

Location: Marina Del Rey
Cost: $200

Combining theater and therapy, this engaging workshop explores the emotional playground of feelings expressed through the body via poses, breath, and dialogue. Using a technique from Michelle Minnick of NYU called Rasabox, Tonya utilizes an emotional grid on the floor to explore feelings. Like a kid playing hopscotch, participants jump from one emotion, such as anger or rage, to another emotion, such as love or peace, while exploring their range of sensations from 0-100 percent. The concept is to learn how to regulate not only one’s emotions, but also one’s reactivity. This powerful exploration gets you acquainted with your own personal emotional arrays and teaches you how to shift between different expressive states with ease.

Through this engaging workshop, Tonya demonstrates how creativity can help support those in recovery programs such as AA or Alanon, as well as those struggling with anxiety and fear.  Tonya combines writing techniques, life stories, and her experience as a Marriage Family Therapist Intern to explore patterns from your family of origin. Tonya’s background in theatre, including her two one-woman shows, Open Eyes and Flying Standby, facilitates her ability to assist others in telling their story.

Drama Therapy
Art Therapy
Improv Exercises


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